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Shocking the jock


Radio host Alex Jones is well known in America for shocking people with his conspiracy theories and “alt right” political views.

But he got more than he bargained for when he took on the Queen.

He played a clip purportedly featuring British Muslims saying they wanted to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque.

And British Twitter users were quick to spring into action with some – always polite – put downs.

Alex Jones

Image caption Donald Trump is known to be a fan of Jones and his Info Wars show – and was interviewed by him three times during his presidential campaign

The 43-year-old recently apologised for his involvement in advocating the fake “Pizzagate” scandal.

This is the tweet, following the London attack, that activated angry, sarcastic responses.

And here are the most British slap-downs.

The Queen’s love of headscarves was a popular one.

Kate replied with a very British jar of jam.

Peter joked about the shape of the Gherkin building.

Karl shared a picture of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

David’s re-imagined the Tate Modern architecture.

And then there’s bingo. Muslim bingo…

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